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The Little Crane That Could Torrent marcroc




We provide fast and easy crane simulation with high graphic details and quick-start options. Little Crane is a fun crane simulation game for all ages! Game Features: • Choose a crane that fits your needs and style. • Smooth, easy-to-control crane animations. • Use a variety of crane movements, including raising, lowering, and rotating. • High definition graphics. • 10+ fun crane sounds. • Easily create new projects. Other Crane Games: Please check out Crane Games for more fun crane games! Little Crane is a great crane simulation game! play crane games here! FEATURES: - Easy-to-use controls. - Advanced crane simulation physics. - Easy to create or import new projects. - You can save your projects on iCloud, Facebook, Dropbox, etc. Little Crane has a free trial. It's not a game. We offer great value through optional in-app purchases. IMPORTANT: Some cranes are licensed for use in video games. Those are clearly identified in the help menu and full version game as such. To comment or ask us a question about this app, email: Crane Games is a trademark of Cranes Inc. ------------------- === TROUBLESHOOTING === 1. Starting up a crane game may take a long time. For troubleshooting information, email us at 2. Crane games are designed for iPhone 5 and later. Crane games may not work for iPhone 6 or later. 3. Some projects have issues playing on older devices. You may need to delete and reload the app to fix this. 4. The project "heavy" is not available on older devices. 4.1. If you open this project and get a message saying "the app could not be open" or "This project could not be started" on your iPhone or iPod touch, it may be due to a missing Game Center framework. Please download the latest version of Game Center and try again. 5. Trying to import a project or resource that was created by a different version




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The Little Crane That Could Torrent marcroc

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