1-The author's work must be within the framework of the Gospel values ​​and express, as much as possible, the author's evangelical Christian point of view.

2- The ideas expressed must conform to the Bible - the Word of God.

3- The book must have a professional presentation according to the standards established by the publishing community: adequate cover, binding, images, composition, captivating history, reliable information, documented research, reference notes if necessary). ....

4- The author must clearly identify the complete references of works or parts of works to which he / she refers and have made the requests for authorization beforehand.

5- The author must ensure that he has obtained an ISBN number and that the book is registered with the authorities of the country where it was published - for Quebec at The National Library of Québec and The National Library of Canada.

5- The content must not include hateful, abusive or discriminatory words, profanity or any other objectionable content (eg: of a sexual nature). The content must respect Christian values.

6- The quality of the writing remains important. Thus, the author will have to use a rich and diversified vocabulary.


7- Children's books must respect the above points but also cover subjects respecting the age range of the child.



  • The author must respect the deadlines set by the organizers of the Evangelical Christian Book Fair.

  • The author must be able to be present for 1 to 2 hours, on the day of the fair, for exchanges with visitors to his booth unless he is a publisher, a bookstore or has special permission from the organizers.


  • The author-exhibitor must be registered and have paid the participation fees.


Please note that submissions which do not comply with these requirements will be disqualified.


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